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Hi All, I know this is a little behind but I've been keeping notes on phone as I go so I can cut and paste to make it easier. Here's my time in Phoenix, enjoy!

Sad to be leaving California today but looking forward to some warmer weather! Headed to Phoenix for a week to attend a 4 day personal development conference with Brendan Burchard. The High Performance Achievers event sparked my interest after listening to a few podcasts and reading his book High Performance Habits. Brendan conducted a study of global high performers and what make them succeed at the highest level, so it sounded interesting, plus I've not been to Phoenix before so win win!

What an amazing 4 days! HPA was great! 2000 like minded people together looking for self development and improvement. The room had so much energy and here's my top 5 take aways:

  • Stop being "busy" and get productive
  • The importance of a morning routine, and consistent habits
  • Clarity of your goals but also achievable steps to move you towards them
  • Honour the struggle but don't let it define you
  • Have intension and be present in everything you do

Of course I feel like all of what was learned was lots we already know but turns out you don't always take action! Or perhaps some of it was said in a different way but honestly I just think I was in the right headspace to actually hear it. Now to take some action!
IMG_6957.jpg IMG_6424.jpeg

A huge 4 days done, only left me with 2 days to explore Phoenix! So I spent some time wandering the streets admiring the amazing street art! Phoenix is funky and urban, its a bit like being in Brunswick back home but spread in pockets all over town. Cool cafes tucked away in side streets and painted murals on the walls.

A tram (light rail they call it) takes you downtown or across to Tempe and is easy to use. Actually all throughout the US I've found public transport easy to navigate and much cheaper than home. Its usually $2 per trip or $5 all day (bus/rails inclusive)

I visited the Desert Botanical Gardens, located in the Sonoran desert. Which is a conservation and research reserve for desert plants. It was impressive to learn about how these plants, trees and cactus all survive in the harsh conditions. I joined a tour ran by one of the volunteers, her name was Mickey. We learnt about the water storage and adaptation the plants make to survive up to 2 years with no water. Being familiar with the autumn/winter deciduous process at home I was stunned to learn these trees and plants also survive because of this. Dropping/shedding leaves can help them conserve energy in drought conditions.
There was a particular tree called Palo Vedre who had a green flesh/trunk/bark filled with chlorophyll so it could still perform photosynthesis. Mother Nature working at its best!

After a half day of washing and repacking its off to Cuba early tomorrow morning, Uber is booked for 4.30am!
Off to bed and what exciting adventures await me starting in Havana!!

Much love, adios!
L xx

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Motivation and cacti... a dangerous mix in Phoenix I suspect! X

by Steve Parkhill

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